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SoftEcho Echo Cancellation Single Pack License

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Product Overview
SoftEcho is an Echo Cancellation (EC) software plug-in for end-user voice applications up to 16 channels. Powered by Octasic's innovative and industry-proven Acoustic and Line EC algorithms, SoftEcho ensures excellent sound quality in all audio environments, even those with disruptive background noise.

Optimized for Integration with Asterisk®

  • Simple to integrate module 
  • Auto-tuning algorithm 
  • No adjustments necessary

Line Echo Cancellation (LEC) for IP PBX

Channel Density

  • Supports up to 16 channels

LEC Features

  • Up to 128ms echo tail 
  • Transparent algorithm 
  • Dial Tone & Digit Transparency 
  • G.168-2004 compliant

Performance Metrics

  • CPU Usage: Approximately 5% on a low-end machine (1GHz, Celeron)
  • Space of code on disk: 200Kbytes 
  • Space of code in RAM (text size): 85Kbytes 
  • Dynamic space in RAM: 240Kbytes per channel

SoftEcho for Asterisk

  • Connects to DAHDI
  • No need to upgrade
  • Independent of kernel version
  • Installation guidelines provided
  • Performance diagnostic tools available
  • Voice Quality diagnostic tools available
  • Voice, noise and signal levels
  • Voice detected