OpenVox EC2032 Echo Cancellation Module for D130 A810 A1610 A2410 Card

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Model: EC2032
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This listing is for an EC2032 Octasic DSP Echo Cancellation Module Hardware

Used with D130P D130E A2410 A1610 A810 Series Cards

Product Spotlight

  • 1024 taps/128ms tail/channel on all channel densities
  • Octasic music protection
  • Automatic level control G.169
  • Field upgradeable algorithm
  • V.25 / V.8 anwertone
  • Zero CPU load
  • EC2032 SMEC V1.1 Power 3.83W
  • RoHS compliant
  • Certificates: CE and FCC
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty