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DLI EPCR7 DataCenter PDU Web Power Controller Remote Reboot WiFi

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Power. Control. Protection. Remote Reboot via the Web.

Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment in remote locations. Control Servers, routers, network equipment and industrial machinery securely from your web browser. Eliminate service calls. Increase reliability.

Connect easily via LAN or WiFi. Get secure control through a friendly web interface.

Use Auto-Ping to monitor critical network devices 24x7. If a device goes down, the power controller will automatically reboot it. "Locked-up" devices are brought back to life.

Remote Power Monitoring, Metering and Alarms
Check up on power quality.   Monitor voltage, current, and energy usage remotely using four built-in web meters.  Eliminate brown-outs, black-outs, blown breakers and power problems. Bill your co-location customers for power used. 

New Features
New features include an environmental sensor port, RS-232, and control outputs for future expansion. MQTT is now supported as well as Alexa, and the RestAPI is fully featured.

A sequential power-up feature starts IT equipment in the right order and prevents overloads. Dual AC inputs, redundant power supplies, and battery backup keep the controller running non-stop 24x7, even during outages.

Eliminate overloads, brownouts, blown breakers and power problems before they occur. Protect your equipment. Power surges and spikes are clamped automatically with high power MOV surge suppression.

Monitor voltage, current and power remotely using the four web meters. Power can be controlled and metered over SNMP.

Design your own automation sequences with the newly-updated, easy-to-use Lua scripting language. Programmers get a RESTful API, multi-target AutoPing, SYSLOG support, Windows and UNIX script triggers, multi-user security, SSL, SSH, Lua, and more.


  • Operating Input Voltage: 60-140V Autosensing. 5-15 NEMA UL receptacles are for 120VAC applications only.
  • Input Frequency: DC-400Hz (P/S Operation)
  • Power Consumption: 3.5-5.3W
  • Web Server / Processor Battery Backup: Long life rechargeable battery 8-35 minutes backup time.
  • Surge Suppression: Dual MOV, 3600J rating
  • Ethernet Interface: 10/100 autosensing, Static IP, port selectable, RJ45 with FCC
  • Memory: 32mb flash, 256 SDRAM
  • Outlets & Plugs: 18x outlets NEMA 5-15R, 15A, 8 switched pairs, 2 unswitched
  • Security: HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMP3
  • Control Relays: 40A contact, 10^6 mechanical
  • Power Cords-L5-15: 14AWG, UL SJT FX3C, 9' Length
  • Power Fail Hold-Over: 300ms minimum (all on)
  • Indicators: Backlit 2x16 LCD, Alert Beeper, Audio leval 71 dBA at case
  • Switches & Controls: Keypad, on/off/cycle/lock. Locking Emergency-OFF. Reset-to-defaults menu button
  • Sensors & I/O: AC current and voltage, optional external temp probe, luminance, battery and relay control voltage 1-wire port, 0-10V ADC inputs, 400mA 50V OC GPIO output, RS232
  • Supplemental Protector: 2x15A thermal breakers, UL / CSA
  • Current Metering: +-5% or .3A, .2-20A, 2% typical
  • Voltage Metering: 80-150VAC, +/- 5%, 1% typical
  • Dimensions: 19" RETMA rack. 2U 3.5" height, 4.5" depth, 1.25" front protrusion
  • Weight: Bare unit-8.2 lbs, Ship Weight of 11-lbs
  • WiFi: 2.4GHz bgn 19dBm
  • Operating Temperature: -30ºF to 170ºF, -34º to 77ºC
  • Enclosure Material: Rolled steel, non flammable powder coated, plastic fascia only.