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FreePBX Elastix NLX4000 VoIP IP UCS Rack Power PBX

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Model: NLX4000 PBX
What's Included in this Package
Base Unit NLX4000  
FXS 0 Ports
FXO 0 Ports
T1/E1 PRI 0 Ports
Echo Module No  
GSM 0 Channels
Power 110-220V USA NA Plug

General Information

Model: NLX4000

The NLX4000 is a unified communications server designed for medium and high performance environments in medium and large-sized businesses.

The devices comes with pre-installed Asterisk software and telephony integration configurable according to the customer’s needs. Telephony integration is achieved through an efficient system of quickly interchangeable trays without compromising the server’s internal components.
The NLX4000 is ideal for scenarios requiring high availability thanks to its ability of integrating two drives, hardware RAID, and redundant power supply.

Asterisk is an Open Source solution. You will not have to pay for licensing costs associated with the operation of your NLX4000.

Tech Specs:
Analog Ports (FXO/FXS): Configurable up to 48*
Digital Ports: Up to 4 E1/T1/J1*
Extensions (SIP/IAX): Up to 300
Concurrent Calls: 120
PCI Expansion slots: 2 PCIe – easy swap
Operating System: Asterisk 32 bits – supports 64 bits

CPU: 1.86 GHz Dual Core
Hard Drive: 500 GB HDD – 2.5″
2nd Hard Drive: 500 GB HDD – 2.5″ (optional)**
RAID: Software by default**
Network Interfaces : 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
LCD Display: Front panel
USB Ports: 2

Operating Characteristics
Nominal Power: 150 W, PSU efficient
Operating Voltage: 110-220 V / Autoswitching

Physical Characteristics
Case Height    1.5U – Mountable rack of 19″

*The device is by default distributed without telephony integration. Refer to your nearest distributor for factory configuration options.

**The options of a second hard drive, hardware RAID, and redundant power supply are distributed on demand. RAID option is available when the device is distributed with two hard disk drives.

Key Features:

  • Availability of redundancy in hard drive disks
  • Effective maintenance-oriented design
  • Frontal and non-invasive access to hard drives
  • Redundant power supply, on demand
  • Software RAID by default
  • Hardware RAID on demand
  • Potential for high availability in 1.5U
  • Ethernet Gigabit network interface
  • Telephony integration versatility
  • Non-invasive installation of telephony integration
  • Hardware Detection interface
  • Support for Analog interfaces like FXS/FXO (PSTN/POTS)
  • Support for Digital interfaces like E1/T1/J1 through PRI/BRI/R2 protocols
  • Integrated Echo Cancellation
  • Distributed dialplan with Dundi
  • Over a 100 basic and advanced PBX configurations